If you’re ready to start up and/or scale 10x in your business…
Then, We’re Excited to bring you Expert Hands-on Training to Develop Your Mindset, How to Get Customers & Make Money at the Entrepreneurs Success Summit!

October 27th
Courtyard by Marriott in Murfreesboro, TN
8 am - 6 pm
Have You Been Thinking About Starting A Business, but?
Not sure where or how to begin
Feel confused or afraid of wasting time or money

Thinking you need hundreds or thousands of dollars to start

Has your business been doing these?
Spending more money than you're making monthly
Not having enough budget for marketing, advertising, or pr

Bringing little to no traffic and not enough sales
This year we will go against a summit’s conventional wisdom and norms. We have created a new path for business owners!
Business owners need MORE CUSTOMERS!
Business owners need MORE CASH FLOW to succeed in business!
The Entrepreneurs Success Summit will give you tools and strategies to achieve these results!

Are you ready to learn the requirements to acquire funds for your business?
Are you tired of trading your time for money and want to earn while you’re “off the clock” or even asleep?
If so, keep reading!

Discover How To Scale in Your Business Within 30 Days Or Less In 6 Hours of Intensive Training
This intensive day includes:
Valerie Priester, Host & Event Producer
Business & Life Strategist
of Victorious Life Coaching, LLC
Learn from the "Master Coach to the Coaches", the "Mindset Lady", all the tools, techniques and strategies that she used over the last 10 + years to create a successful coaching practice. She will spill the beans, no secrets held back!
Troy M. Smith, Emcee
Founder of MostMoto Movement & Community
“From Employee to CEO”
Starting or operating a business requires a special mindset. Shifting from the employee mindset to the CEO mindset can be challenging. At the Summit, you will learn how to master this shift. Mindset is one of the key elements required for true success as an entrepreneur.

Samantha Pointer,
Automation Strategist of Samantha Pointer Enterprises
Automate to Dominate for Business Success
Entrepreneurship can be difficult enough, running your business in manual drive can make it even worst. Automation is the key to designing an efficient business that practically runs on auto-pilot. You will learn what to automate and when to implement automation in your business.
Markeith Braden,
Digital Marketing & Branding Strategist of Markeith Braden & Company
Podcasting for your Business & Brand Visibility
Running a close second to videos is podcasting when it comes to increasing your visibility. Learn the tricks, tools, techniques, and strategies to create an effective podcast so you can grow your reach and add instant credibility to your personal brand.
Rachel Albertson, 
Digital Brand Strategist at InfoRule Social Media
Personal Branding Tactics That Solo Entrepreneurs Can Leverage
When you're a solo entrepreneur, you need to pay attention to your personal brand as it is often intertwined with your business. In this session we will cover 5 Tactics For Awesome Branding. BONUS; Advanced Personal Branding.
Jacqueline T. Hill,
Writer, Content Strategist of The Living Acts Corp
Spicy Facebook Ads Made Easy for Small Business & Small Budgets
Facebook ads are the new way small business owners keep scaling higher and higher each month. It’s a quicker way to keep your offers in front of thousands of people every day and night. Make money while you’re sleeping and wake-up to tons of “payment received” notifications.
Dr. Aikyna Finch,
Social Media Expert of Finch & Associates, LLC
BossUP on Social Media Using Livestreaming
As much as some people resist social media it's still an absolute must for your business. Having the right presence on social media could add hundreds if not thousands of dollars to your bottom line. Livestreaming is a great way to gain exposure and credibility for you business which can also increase your revenue.
Charlotte Epps-Stowers,
Business Tax & Financial Expert of Charlotte’s Webb Financial Services
Keep Your Business Legal With These Surefire Strategies
Understanding how to legally structure your business is a must. No two situations are the same so just because you're starting a business that someone else has doesn't mean that you should structure yours the same. Learn about the new tax laws coming up in 2019 and the tax benefits to entrepreneurship - how to keep more of the money you earn.
Norma Shirk,
Human Resources Consultant of Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor, LLC
Scaling Your Business The Right Way
At some point in your business you will need to scale up and build a team to help you carry your vision to new heights. Understanding the labor laws and knowing how to hire properly will save you time and money. 
Plus More!

“Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Attend the Entrepreneurs Success Summit”
One of the biggest truths about events is that you get to network with other business owners.
Another MAJOR truth is you may only walk away with two to three leads per event.

But, business owners want more! You want more!

Now, is the perfect time to join the Entrepreneur Success Summit for more…

Here’s why!

The Entrepreneurs Success Summit IS: Private. Hands-on. Intense. High-level.

No Hype! No holding back the goods. A full day of intensive training. Actionable steps that move you forward.

Meaningful connections and valuable relationship building.

Entrepreneurs Success Summit is a full-day training intensive featuring industry leaders and experts.

It's a VIP Work Tank with hands-on training in specific areas relevant to start-ups and existing businesses. (This will be a classroom experience, yes! You will need your laptop, iPad, or tablet!)

You’ll be ready to take inspired action.

Our focus is to provide an event that fills the gaps in the journey to building a successful business – that means we’re rolling up our sleeves and doing the work!

I’m Ready to Get My Ticket for The Entrepreneurs Success Summit!
Imagine in as little from 30 days from the event going from completely stuck to well on your way with a step-by-step actionable plan to increase your sales, traffic and meet your goals!

Imagine finally seeing $10k and MORE deposits into your bank account.

How would it feel to get a short-cut to learning one of the most profitable business models to-date?

You don’t have to play the guessing game.

You don’t have to spend months or years going through lots of trial and error like I did.

With the Entrepreneurs Success Summit, you get a proven game-plan!

You learn what works and what doesn’t from the get-go.

You get help every step of the way to make sure that you succeed.

For a limited time, you can get tickets for only…
October 27, 2018
8 am - 6 pm

Full-Day Training Intensive

Private. Hands-on. Intense. High-level.

Exclusively for 50 Entrepreneurs

Work Tank Pro Workbook

Hands-on work with the expert Trainers/Teachers

Lunch Provided

These amazing prizes are waiting for 3 Lucky Entrepreneurs!
1 Entrepreneur Mega Get Started Package ($2,497 Value)
1 Entrepreneur 3-Month Mentorship Program ($1,500 Value)
1 3-Month Membership Access ($350 Value)

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Get your ticket now!
Here’s what our Ambassador's Have to Say About the Summit!
October 27th is the date! 
We're ready for you to succeed in business!

A note from the Host
I am super excited to host my 2nd annual live event. Last year I had the pleasure of hosting the Design Your Victory Live Event and it was truly an amazing experience for me, the speakers, and most importantly the attendees.

The Design Your Victory Live Event was the precursor to the Entrepreneurs Success Summit. You see everything starts with Mindset and Belief. Last year we spent 8 hours teaching the importance of mindset and believing in yourself. This year we're taking the next step and preparing you for the dream of entrepreneurship that so many of you pray about day and night.

It is my passion and desire to help as many coaches, consultants, start-ups, digital online preneurs, servant leaders, and people with vision reach their true potential so they can impact the world and MAKE MONEY while doing it.

I have been in the coaching industry for almost a decade. I can truly say that living in my purpose is the most rewarding when I can help others succeed. Allow me and my super friends to help you start or grow the business you desire. The Entrepreneurs Success Summit is just the solution to pull out your hidden confidence, give you actionable steps, and lead you into success.

I am so looking forward to meeting you and hugging you at the event. What better way to end the year than with you, a community of high-level achievers.

Remember, Designing Your Victory is a Choice - Start Today!

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!
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